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Reims, Kyle

Reims, Kyle

Kyle Reims graduated Harvard-Westlake High School in June 2021 with a 3.9 GPA. Following his graduation, he was awarded the school’s Athletic Director Award for outstanding service to the school’s athletics. Kyle spent his high school years working for HWTV, Harvard-Westlake’s sports livestream channel, starting out filming before switching to announcing the next year. He has been involved in two award-winning broadcasts, including the Harvard-Westlake football game played at the Rose Bowl that won first place in the Student Television Network’s live sports event broadcast.

Kyle announced games for football, baseball, boys and girls basketball and field hockey. He additionally served as an Assistant Sports Editor on the Harvard-Westlake Chronicle as a junior, and the paper’s Digital Managing Editor as a senior. He was a writer and photo editor for the school’s sports magazine Big Red before being named Editor-in-Chief his senior year. Kyle also anchored the Chronicle Broadcast Network’s Sports Report, a show focusing on Harvard-Westlake sports, and was the host of an NFL-based podcast that was voted 10th in the nation by the National Student Press Association.

Kyle is a rising sophomore at Wesleyan University in Connecticut where he wants to pursue film and broadcasting.

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