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Stone, Fred

Sports Artist - 1996

Fred Stone is widely acknowledged as the most successful equine artist in the world today. More people own a Fred Stone print than that of any other equine artist in history.

One prominent journalist described Stone as: “The equine watercolorist...who strives to capture the excitement, energy, and passion of Thoroughbred Racing.” The Los Angeles Daily News and Chicago Tribune newspapers have called him the most famous painter of horses in the world. His work hangs in the homes of some of the world’s most notable personages, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Born in St. Louis and raised in Los Angeles, Fred labors hard to capture the emotion that illustrates the relationship between man and horse. He explains: “people who collect my work are not just art collectors, they’re horse lovers!”

His distinctive coffee table book, “Fred Stone Paints the Sport of Kings”, published in 1985, has become a best-selling treasure.

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