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Werner, Sanford L.

Gymnastics - 1998

Representing Los Angeles City College, Boyle Heights gymnast Sanford Werner tied the world record for the rope climb event (3.1 seconds) in 1951 at the National AAU Gymnastics Championships. He broke the rope climb world record (2.9) at another meet, but the mark was labeled “unofficial” because the rope was found to be 1/2-inch short. His achievements earned him LACC’s 1951 Outstanding Athlete of the Year honors. (The rope climb was an Olympic event through the 1932 Games. The event continued as a high school, college and AAU event until the early 1970s.)

In 1949, as a Roosevelt High School teenager, Werner finished in a third place tie at the National AAU Championships in Chicago. That same year, his Rough Riders team captured L.A.’s All-City Gymnastics Championship.

During his one year at UCLA, Werner won a gold medal in the rope climb event at the NCAA Pacific Coast Championships. In 1962, he finished second in the National AAU meet held at the Seattle World’s Fair.

Werner has continued as a serious rope climb competitor into his senior years, listing numerous titles and medals won at an assortment of national, regional and local masters events.

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