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Bravin, Nick

Fencing - 2006

When it comes to wielding steel, Nick Bravin ranks among the best with a sword in North America. The Los Angeles native is a four-time U.S. National Champion, a three-time NCAA National Champion, and a two-time U.S. Olympian.

In international competition Bravin was a two-time silver and two-time bronze medalist at the Pan-American Games, and Pan-American Fencing Champion as both a junior and a senior.
Five times as a senior and four times as a junior, Bravin was the nation’s No. 1 ranked fencer, earning him berths on myriad international teams - including four World Championship teams and two World University Games teams. Bravin was a staple on the U.S. National Team for his entire career.

As a collegian, Bravin amassed a near-invincible record of 208 victories and only 5 defeats enroute to three NCAA National titles and four All-America awards while fencing at Stanford University.

After a three-year hiatus following the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Bravin briefly returned to competition in 1999 - falling one touch short of earning his fifth U.S. National Championship. His final U.S. National title came in 1996 as he defeated fellow Jewish Olympian Cliff Bayer.

Born May 28, 1971 in Los Angeles, Bravin fenced at the Westside Fencing Center, attended Stanford and then Columbia Law School.

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