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Feedman, Sam

Fastpitch Softball - 1996

Sam Feedman is a local softball legend. Following World War II, the Roosevelt High School star pitched ten no-hitters! In 1948 alone, Sam tossed five no-hitters.

His most incredible headline appeared in the July 20, 1948 Beverly Citizen: “Feedman Fans 21 in 8-0 Softball Win”. The story told how he lead his Cleaning Bar team to a near perfect victory over Smith’s Super Service at La Cienega Playground:

“The rest of the team could have stayed on the bench during the seven-inning game, as none of the batters opposing Feedman hit a ball to either the infield or outfield. The catcher got credit for every out in the game. After fanning the first 19 batters he faced, with a 3-2 count on his opposing pitcher, Sam tripped in a hole at the pitchers mound as he was delivering the ball, and Smith’s had its first and only base-runner. Nonetheless, he struck out the next two batters to wrap-up the no-hit shutout.”

Added the Citizen reporter: “His mark topped the league record of 19 strikeouts set last week by Erv Gromowski of Happy Days Ice Cream.”

As a youngster, Sam was an equipment manager for the California Bulldogs semi-pro football team that called Gilmore Stadium its home field. He later served as batboy-equipment manager with the Los Angeles Angels at Wrigley Field.

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