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Fenton, Mitch

Lacrosse - 2014

Mitch Fenton is a seminal figure in introducing lacrosse to Southern California, initially in San Diego County He created the first youth and high school leagues, and served as their first president. San Diego now has over 300 teams.

Fenton organized the Men’s Lacrosse program at San Diego State University, was its team captain, and was selected to the All-California Team four consecutive years.

With others, Mitch created the first collegiate lacrosse league west of the Mississippi and served as its initial president. The League began with 9 teams––there are now more than 40.
Fenton’s group introduced lacrosse to Orange County, Los Angeles County and Ventura County, creating the first youth and high school leagues. What began with five start-up teams has expanded beyond 300 teams.

Starting with five first-graders, Mitch co-founded West LA Lacrosse, the first youth league in Los Angeles for elementary-aged boys and girls. The league currently features more than 1,000 active players.

Mitch Fenton organized the California High School State Championships and served as tournament director of this event four times.

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