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Flam, Herb

Tennis - 1990

Rising to prominence in the 1940's as a California Junior Tennis star, Herb Flam was ranked in the World's Top Ten from 1951 to 1957. His highest ranking was #5 (World Tennis) in 1957.

Flam earned his first U.S. Top Ten ranking (#9) in 1948, and was included in the U.S. Top Ten every year through 1958.
Although Herb’s career began several years earlier than American tennis great Dick Savitt, the two Jewish net stars en-joyed seemingly parallel careers. Both appeared in the same World Top Ten rankings three times and USA rankings five times (Savitt did not compete 1953-56).

Herb played on the 1951-57 United States Davis Cup Teams, winning 12 of 14 matches.

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