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Gilbert, Dennis

Sports Agent - 1998

One of the premier agents in professional sports, Dennis Gilbert has negotiated some of the most prodigious contracts in Major League Baseball history. Four times during the 1990s--with clients such as Jose Canseco (Oakland), Danny Tartabull (New York Yankees), Bobby Bonilla (New York Mets), and Bobby Bonds (San Francisco Giants)--he has negotiated contracts that broke the Major League salary record. Benchmark deals for this quartet of big league stars represent more than 93 million dollars.

Following five years as a minor league baseball player in the late 1960s, and a successful career in the insurance business, Gilbert became an entertainment business manager, with a list of superstar clientele. Clients included: Sally Field, Kim Bassinger, Rod Stewart, the Beach Boys, Robert Duvall and Quincy Jones.

With the advent of baseball’s free agent system, Dennis changed gears. Sensing a tidal wave of escalating player salaries, he formed the Beverly Hills Sports Council, and immediately became a prime player in sports representation.

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