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Goodman, Daniel

Media - 1998

Danny Goodman was Vice-President and Director of Advertising and Promotion for the Los Angeles Dodgers. His Dodger tenure began the Southern California day in 1958 the team arrived from Brooklyn, and ended with his death in June, 1983. A colorful, Runyonesque character, Goodman virtually invented the sports souvenir marketing industry.

Joining Milwaukee’s family-owned Jacob Brothers Concessionaires in 1928--at the age of 13--Goodman’s responsibilities expanded with the thriving Jacobs concession and arena empire. At one time, he managed concessions at Major League ballparks in New York, Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh, et als, often at the same time.

On the job for Jacobs Bros--later known as Sportservice, Inc.--Danny came west in 1938 to take over as Concessions Manager and Advertising Director for the Pacific Coast League’s Hollywood Stars (at Gilmore Stadium). During this period he also supervised forty other Sportservice west coast units--from Oregon to Montana to Arizona. During the decade 1945-1955, he managed concessions at nearly every ballpark in the California and Pioneer (minor) Leagues, as well as California race tracks and indoor arenas. He held the Sportservice position until 1957.

Danny was on the Board of Directors of the Friars Club of California for more than thirty years, and the storied group’s Entertainment Committee Chairman most of that time. He was responsible for producing testimonial dinners and luncheons (“roasts”) for more than 175 sports and entertainment personalities. The diminutive sports marketing whiz was twice, himself, the “toasted” honoree of a Friars roast. Pal Ronald Reagan was roastmaster of the first event, and members of the star-studded dias included: Jack Benny, George Burns, Phil Silvers, Dean Martin, Buddy Hackett, Ty Cobb, Leo Durocher, Charlie Dressen, Casey Stengel, Red Sanders and Tom Harmon.

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