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Holtzman, Bernie

Volleyball - 2014

Bernie Holtzman (with Manny Saenz) competed during an era when only two or three “open” Beach Volleyball tournaments were held each year. The virtually unbeatable Holtzman-Saenz tandem won 10 "Open" tournaments, beginning with the 1948 State Beach Men's Open.

Bernie and Gene Selznick (a previous SCJSHOF honoree) formed another near-unbeatable combination, winning 18 of 20 "Open" tournaments beginning in 1955.

Holtzman also excelled at the indoor game, competing with the national champion Hollywood YMCA Team. He stopped playing volleyball in 2004 at the age of 82.

Bernie Holtzman was inducted into the California Beach Volleyball Association Hall of Fame in 1992. USA Volleyball recognized him on its 75th Anniversary Beach All-Era Team (1928-1952).

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