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Karns, Robert

Sports Medicine - 1997

Bob Karns is California’s “Fight Doctor”. A boxing ring physician since 1981, he has been Chairman of the Physicians’ Advisory Committee to the California State Athletic Commission since 1988. During his tenure in the Chairman’s position, there have been no boxing deaths or permanent injuries in California--a state that stages more professional fights than any other place in America.

From 1966-68, Dr. Karns was team physician for the Los Angeles Sharks of the old Western Hockey League; and from 1969-71, he held the same position with the Sharks of the World Hockey Association.

Dr. Karns is also Chairman of the Doping Committee for the World Boxing Counsel (WBC), and Chief Physician for the World Boxing Organization (WBO). He has been instrumental in effecting several changes of California law, which, in turn, have positively effected boxing safety and health rules/regulations within the State.

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