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Levin, Richard

Media - 2001

Rich Levin is Senior Vice-President, Public Relations, for Major League Baseball. Joining MLB in 1985 after three years as Assistant Press Secretary for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, Levin has served professional baseball in various public relations capacities.

Hamilton High School basketball star Rich Levin was L.A.’s top scorer and All-City player in 1961. A couple of years later, he was a member of UCLA’s 1963 and 1964 NCAA National Championship teams—the first two of the Bruins’ incredible string of national titles under coach John Wooden.

Rich began a sportswriting career in 1972 at the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, covering the L.A. Lakers for nine years as well as the Olympic Games.

Levin is co-author of two books: Magic, with Earvin Magic Johnson, and Made In America, with Peter Ueberroth and Amy Quinn.

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