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Paskowitz, Dorian

Surfing - 2000
Doc Paskowitz (a medical doctor) has garnered legendary status as one of the world’s greatest longboard surfers. In a 61-year surfing career that began in 1936, Paskowitz has surfed and competed on some of the best surfing waves around the world.
According to the Chicago Tribune: “He was among surfing’s American pioneers in the 1930s, and claims to have introduced the sport in Israel. He traveled the world with his wife and nine surfing children, and his son, Israel, was recently ranked the top longboard surfer in the world.”
For the past 25 years, Paskowitz and family have run their Summer Surf Camp in San Onofre, CA. In the process, they have taught thousands of people how to surf. According to the Tribune, “what sets the Paskowitz training camp apart from the two dozen other surfing schools operating up and down America’s that it gives students access to the mythical surfing bohemia that is easier to find in the movies than on the beaches of Southern California.”

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