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Teltscher, Eliot

Tennis - 1998

1978 UCLA All-America Eliot Teltscher was ranked among the World’s top fifteen tennis stars from 1980-1984, reaching #6 in 1982. For seven of the 1980s’ first eight years, Teltscher was ranked among the United States’ Top Ten Singles players--his top spot #4 in 1984.

As a Bruin undergrad in 1977 and 1978, Eliot held U.S. #23 and #26 (singles) rankings.

In doubles, Eliot was U.S. #6 in 1979 (with Francisco Gonzalez); #4 in 1980 (with Terry Moor); and #8 in 1981 (Moor).

As a professional, he won ten grand prix championships, including the San Francisco, Atlanta, Johannesburg and Japan Open titles. In 1983, he won the French Open Mixed Doubles (with Barbara Jordan)

Eliot also holds three Junior titles: Age 16--1974 U.S. Indoor Doubles (with Clark Diehl); at 14--1973 U.S. Hardcourt Doubles (L. Gottfried); at 12--1971 Hardcourt Doubles (James Curley).

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